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Nowadays, both men and women are overcome with regard to skin care. Various cream, oil, soap, phesaoyasa, powder, etc. advertising radio, TV and newspapers are always being promoted. The color is lighter, the black spots to remove acne nowadays that nothing is impossible anymore. We care about the beauty of the skin is very much the wrong idea. So nice to be aware of the health of the skin. You're healthy it is possible to call your wonderful skin. Beautiful skin health symptoms. Eat a balanced diet, plenty of water and regular exercise, be adhumapayi prerequisite for beautiful skin. It hurt a little, but with age, so your skin is normal, is not it? Responsible for the color of our skin pigment called melanin. If you are honest, and if less melanin is black in color. But whose skin is less melanin in their skin, the various problems which possess lighter colors are more at risk. Skin wrinkle lines, black spots, sunburn spots cancer risk, even over them. Khadyabhasyera can be brought back through the skin beauty. Vitamin A or beta-carotene is very important element for skin. The beta carotene in vegetables and colorful. The treatment of acne is vitamin A supplement. The rest of the two anti-oxidant vitamin-C and vitamin-E necessary elements for the skin. Balirekha Vitamin E skin. Long-term use does not even read balirekha skin. 400 micrograms per day of vitamin E you need us. Compare changed forms retain vitamin-Sea. Raw vegetables and seasoning to get the Vitamin-C. 500 mg vitamin C per day to us. Micronutrient something beneficial for the skin. Among the silicon, selenium and copper. Silicone skin cells, helping to create. The silicone is bad for the skin. Silicon vegetables, cereal and marine fish are available. The copper skin collagen, which helps to create ilastina and melanin skin necessary for Copper. The selenium act as antioxidants and help to restore normal skin sunburn. We need 100 micrograms of selenium per day. Use of vitamin-rich anti-oxidant cream with good results. Add mechata haidrokuinana cream beneficial for spots. Works well in the gel for acne tritinaina retina. Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream also found recently. Many properties of this cream. Alpha Hydroxy that removes dead skin cells. The skin becomes fresh. The sun burns the skin, balirekha, acne, alpha hydroxy works best for any problems. Naturally, various fruits, such as pineapple, oranges, apples, grapes contain Alpha Hydroxy minimal. Before using any skin cream, lotion, take the advice well. However, the need to consult a doctor, at least. Flashy ads take a little time before the use of skin stimulating. Finally, repeat the same words, avoid sunshine for beautiful skin, a balanced diet, not smoking, you need to drink plenty of water and regular exercise.


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